Our Animal Friends, both those still with us and those who left us much too soon

 From the Overall / Dunham household

Bunny (aka "Ms.. Buns"), newly adopted just before Thanksgiving day to bring a gentle female influence to the road house.


Toby, Dr. Overall's working dog

"The Boys"

Pic  (Picasso) in the foreground; Toby to the left and Linus to the right (trying to resist mischief) in the background

Linus as a baby, an imp even at that young age

Emma, who aged with grace, prime raiser of the rescues and puppies, and who was Dr. Overall's unflinching protector and caretake. She passed in September of this year, leaving the household bereft.

Toby's mentor, Flash (on the left)
He is greatly missed.

Who taught us about happiness, recovery and what humane care truly means for troubled dogs

Blind by 5 weeks, raised by Maggie, a teacher of tolerance in her 15 years of life

Little Bit
Inherited because of a death when she was 13 years, she held her own with the Aussies (and then some) until she died at 22 years

The completely flawless and generous dog, missed daily, the only non-rescue, she encouraged us to take in Aussies in need.


From the Juarbe-Diaz household 

Pork Chop (L) and Mai Tai (R)

Ransomed, "ransomed" from a neglectful home

Tano (Tanoshii), a shelter dog relinquished with fractured hips; his chances for adoption were low. He runs in spite of what his Xrays look like and is Mai Tai's play companion.

Shihan, remembered with unbridled joy

Maia, remembered as the best teacher ever


From the Dyer household

Cassan McPherson, the newest addition

Liam, master of the remote

For young Liam, precise definitions of 'mouse' were unimportant

Patrick McPherson, beloved and sorely missed

Oscar, who left memories to match his beauty
and loved to go food shopping on the kitchen counters

Rocky, unforgettable merryman
His GI tract was scarred by parvo, but not his spirit

Felix, Oscar's litter mate. Always a good sport, here he modeled a souvenir from Guatemala.  

Knipper, a.k.a. "The Enforcer"
looking dapper in semi-formal attire

Kirby, sweet Kirby; left for dead at a vet hospital, he went on to enjoy 17 years of life

Nick, his first owners 'dumped' him because it was "cheaper" to get a new dog than to repair his broken hip and femur

All of these  much loved and loving companions (but for Maggie) are rescues

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